A New Start

On being a sojourner here….. recently I have found that my life is needing a little tweaking and some new inspiration and direction. God has been teaching me in this past year and a half. I left my book writing for a while because I had some real world living to do in order to come back to this place and hopefully take a direction that God wants me to take with this whole endeavor. So what has HE been teaching? How to find peace in HIM for one thing. How to take circumstances and see that HE is working in them and HE wants us to see that. And HE is trying to teach me over and over to learn to trust HIM more fully.

Finding peace with HIM and in HIM has required me to go look for HIM in HIS Word, my Bible. The more that I seek HIM there, the more that HE honors my time with HIM. Circumstances: a career change when I am very close to retiring already. About a year and a half ago, my stress level was very high, I was not enjoying my job as a teacher, but I still wanted to work with students, so I took a major salary cut (1/2) and went from teaching to being a teacher’s aide. I knew God would provide and it was hairy for a while and God said, “wait, my time is perfect”. So we did and I wondered many times if I had done the correct thing. Then this year, HE told us to sell our little refuge (cabin) at the lake. We put it on the market and two months later, it sold. With the money from this sale, we paid off the mortgage to our current home—HIS timing is perfect and have gotten out of the debt that I put us in by going to an aide position. I was wondering if I should go back to teaching and HE said, “look what I have provided and look at MY timing”, so I will remain as an aide. He wants my priorities on HIM now. I need to learn more about HIM and share that knowledge any way that I can. So this is what I am doing as I focus on my health and getting to know MY SAVIOUR in a whole new way. I will still be writing and sharing that here, but my focus may be changing in some ways. I am hoping that as I read scriptures, my ability to TRUST HIM more will become stronger.

So what do you do in your life to draw close to GOD? How has HE changed you through your attempts to follow HIM?


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