Beginnings 8-5-14


Tera's Kingdom

Tera’s Kingdom

Today, I am going to give my fellow writers a tip that I thought was truly brilliant, even though I had to hear it about 7 times in a three day writer’s conference period before it finally sank into this noggin’.

When beginning a novel, throw away your first chapter and start with the second chapter. Later, you can add the missing bits of the first chapter, errr… backstory in your dialogue or scene set-ups. For me, that was good advice. Rather than starting with my heroine in her home being pushed out to go on her quest, I was able to start with an action scene and introduce the hero at the same time as he does what heroes do, saves her from some marauders and then proceeds to chew her out for being so dense to travel without escort. Will she wimp out and agree with him or will she growl right back at him?


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