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000_5646-1_zps0584d1297/28/14 – Day One of My Blog

My purpose for writing this is to take you along on my journey of creating my first piece of fiction. Here I will share my thoughts, my rants and raves, my experiences and anything else that may be pertinent to this journey. I am fresh from my very first Writer’s Conference with Romance Writer’s of America. That’s not to say this piece of fiction that I am writing will be completely romance. As far as category goes, it will probably be more aligned with Young Adult, but it will have a love story in it because I can not help myself. This will be a parallel journey in some respects, as my heroine will also be taking her own journey, somewhat reluctantly. We will both be growing through our journeys and hope that you will join us.

Let me start my saying that I am a great fan of both JRR Tolkien and CS Lewis. Both these Christian men were brilliant in their creations of fantastical worlds of good and evil. With that in mind, I hope to write a piece that combines their worlds. In the Land of Tolisen, darkness is ever encroaching on the natural light that comes from the lower earth provinces. Tera must answer her destiny and accept the first quest of seven in order to bring permanent light to Lower Earth. Will she accept her challenge? Will she be successful? What dangers will there be? How will she protect herself and if she does not go, then who will?


4 thoughts on “Writer’s Life

  1. Congratulations on starting! Sometimes that can be the hardest part. I am happy for you and will continue to follow you. Best of luck roomie!!


    • Thank you, ma’am! I have been wanting to do this for quite awhile. Decided to use the momentum of the writer’s conference to jump start this blog. Hopefully, the book or at least the rough draft will be finished by next summer. My outline is done and I simply need to fill in the holes. I was/am nervous about the whole thing, but it was great to actually talk with a real agent at the conference, even if I wasn’t told she was an agent until after we talked. It was cool! Thanks again! Hoping to keep up with the technology portion. Hope you enjoy my journey. My DH says that you and I need to get together the next time we travel up north your way—-I agree. It has been over 20+ years girl! We need to visit.


  2. Beautiful start Sister-in-Law, and congratulations for getting started. Though nobody would ever accuse me of following the romance genre, I look anxiously forward to following your progress, your stories and your success.


    • Thank you George,
      I take it that you are sharing this euriska1 page with your friend in Kentucky? The story, the series, will have insecurities and growth needed by us all. The quest is also one that many of us follow in our lives each day, seeking approval, understanding, and contentment from a higher source. Hopefully, Tera will achieve her goal and help to save her world. But every story needs a good hero to help meet that and Tera’s hero is has his own issues to deal with. Together, they will become stronger, like rope strands become stronger when intertwined. Others will join them as it will take a team to accomplish this feat, but at present, Tera does not know this.


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